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Rights of women and children were grossly violated in the United States▓ in 2015. Women were facing serious workp▓lace discrimination, domestic violence▓ and sexual violation and children were under the threats of arms, abuse, pov▓erty and police violence.Women were facing ▓worsening situation of inferior social status. On December 11, 2015, the United Nations Working Group on the issue o

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f discrimination against wom▓en in law and in practice delivered a ▓statement after a mission to the United States and pointed out the missing rights ▓and protections such as universal paid maternit▓y leave, accessible reproductive health care and equal opportunity i▓n standing for political election for the country's women. In the United States, women fell behind international standards as r▓egards their public and politi▓cal representation, their economic and social rights and their health and safety prote▓ctions. Women's average represent▓ation in state legislatures was 24.9 percent. This rate placed the country at only the 72nd in ▓global ranking. The gender wage gap was 21

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▓percent. The percentage of women i▓n poverty increased over the past ▓decade, fro

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